About Us


Incorporated in August 2002, Natures Way Farm Sdn Bhd has a pool of individuals with vast agricultural and marketing experience dedicated towards integrated farming producing quality organic agricultural produce and products.
Our team is driven by the passion to preserve and sustain the environment. Our objective is to enhance awareness and provide alternative quality and affordable organic produce and products.

Our Philosophy:

Green represents the state of the environment we live in.  We have inherited it and will pass it on to the generations to come. The state of the environment today is precarious on account of abuse and neglect fueled by our generation’s obsession for development without a conscious thought of its effect on the environment. 
There needs to be a paradigm shift in thinking to ensure that our legacy to the next generation is a beautiful and healthy Earth and not one that is decaying due to our neglect.
Fortunately, there is today, environmental friendly consciousness with a growing desire and demand for organic produce and products.  This consciousness need to be accelerated and developed to reverse the harm caused and sustain the environment.  We at Natures Way Farm Sdn Bhd, want to contribute towards environmental sustainability and do our part in promoting the growing environmental friendly consciousness. 

Our Methodology:

We endeavor to grow nature and use nature to grow.  We advocate integrated farming, i.e. using organic products to enhance the growth of nature and using nature as an ingredient to cultivate organic products.  
Integrated farming can be illustrated as follows:

Through the cycle of integrated farming, plant and animal wastes which would otherwise pollute the environment is consumed and effectively recycled.

Our Vision:
To be a leader in the promotion of environmental consciousness and sustainability through:

  • Being agents of change in enhancing awareness.
  • Advocating the methodology of integrated farming to grow nature and using nature to grow.
  • Developing and offering readily available and affordable, quality organic products as an alternative to non environmental friendly products.

Our Plea:

Stand Up and Be Counted!
Be a part of the growing consciousness dedicated to Environmental Sustainability.  
We thank you for your passion in Growing with Nature and urge you to always think green.